Student Traffic Court


A Message From
The Student Traffic Court Chief Justice

On behalf of the University of Florida Student Traffic Court, welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! Our team will be working hard to undertake and oversee projects to benefit the student body and doing our best to make the University of Florida campus easily accessible for all students.

In the past, Student Traffic Court has funded and helped implement projects including the establishment of the Gator Locator GPS bus tracking system, as well as purchasing vehicles for SNAP (Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol) and GatorLift. Other projects funded by Student Traffic Court have included increasing scooter parking at Norman Garage and replacing bike racks across campus with newer, more efficient ones.

We will also be working diligently to serve the University of Florida student body by reviewing and judging traffic appeals in the fairest and most punctual way possible.

Carter Lang, Student Traffic Court Chief Justice

Have any questions, comments, or concerns about transportation and parking at the University of Florida? Email me any time at

Go Gators!

Joshua Berko
Student Traffic Court Chief Justice

Student Traffic Court presides over the initial appeal of student parking citations as an autonomous agency under the oversight of Transportation and Parking Services.

The court consists of a Chief Justice and twelve student Associate Justices, appointed by a Selection Committee and confirmed by the Student Body President.

Student Traffic Court administers student fines revenue to implement and fund special transportation and parking improvements which impact students. Student Traffic Court also aims to provide students with an avenue of communication for reliable information on transportation and parking issues. Every Student Justice is required to hold office hours so that students may have their voices heard on these issues.

Student Traffic Court Justices

  • Joshua Berko, Chief Justice
  • Brendan Barany
  • Nykecia Jamerson
  • Emily Briano
  • Kyle Phipps
  • Kevin Goza
  • Brittany Spinelli
  • Gabriella Manuszak
  • Jack Corey
  • Lisette Pellot
  • Cadynce Pellot
  • Jacob Wetter
  • Joni Seligson
  • Victor Musleh
  • Christopher Thatcher
  • Joshua Martinez