Student decal eligibility is based on whether the student lives on or off campus and the number of credit hours earned.

How to Purchase a Student Parking Decal

Eligible students may order parking decals online or at the customer relations office.

If your order is received late in the decal renewal season, you may be given the opportunity to print a temporary permit for immediate use. Decal charges will be deferred to your student account.

Fraternity and Sorority Decals are not available yet, as TAPS will obtain the decal eligibility list from  the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs in a few weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

2018-2019 Student Decal Prices

  • Annual – $160.00
  • Semester – $80.00
  • Monthly – $35.00
  • Weekly – $15.00

Student Decal Types and Eligibility

Student Decal Types Eligibility Requirements Parking Options
Graduate and professional students living off-campus
  • Green
  • “Any Decal”
Park & Ride
Undergraduate students living off-campus
  • “Any Decal”*
    *except where prohibited by signage
Red 1
Students who have completed 50 or more credit hours* and live on-campus

* credits must be completed by the beginning of the Fall semester of a given academic year to be counted towards Red 1 eligibility during that same academic year

  • Red 1
  • All Red
  • “Any Decal”
Red 3
Students who have completed fewer than 50 credit hours and live on-campus
  • All Red
  • “Any Decal”
Brown 2
Students living in Corry and Maguire Family Housing Villages
  • Brown 2
  • “Any Decal”
Brown 3
Students living in Diamond Family Housing Village
  • Brown 3
  • “Any Decal”
Disabled Student
Students with a state-issued Disabled Persons Parking Placard
  • Disabled
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Commuter
  • Red 1
  • All Red
  • Brown 2
  • Brown 3
  • “Any Decal”
All members of the UF community

  • Only available as an annual or semester decal
  • Motorcycle /Scooter

Please note: A decal-restricted area is defined as an area which a motor vehicle may be parked if it bears the appropriate decal for that area (eg. Red, Orange, Blue, Brown, Park & Ride, and Green). Parking facilities designated as “Any Decal” may be utilized by anyone displaying any valid UF parking decal.