Campus Cab Taxi Service

Campus Cab Overview

Campus Cab provides point-to-point transportation for University of Florida faculty and staff on the Main Campus, East Campus, and some UF facilities in Alachua County. (Shands, the University Athletic Association, PK Yonge, and several other auxiliaries are not participants in this program.)

Campus Cab Reservations

  • Campus Cab taxi service is provided at no cost to our customers.
  • Our service is intended for official business only. Luncheons, doctor appointments, trips to or from personal vehicles, shopping, college classes, personal errands, etc. are not appropriate uses of the service.
  • Reservations must be booked at least 60 minutes in advance. However, due to high demand, we recommend submitting your reservation request as far in advance as possible.
  • Reservations may be requested or cancelled by calling (352) 392-RIDE or emailing
  • Last minute cancellations are difficult to coordinate, so please give us as much notice as possible if cancelling your reservation.

Please remember:

  1. Only carry-on things that can fit in your lap,
  2. Our cab can comfortably hold no more than 6 people, and
  3. Due to demand our drivers can wait no more than 5 minutes past your scheduled pick up time. Please also be aware that if you do not make your pick up ride with us, your return ride will automatically be cancelled.

Important Additional Information For Customers

  • Campus Cab taxis will pick up and deliver customers to a designated spot at or near their building.
  • Customers should be waiting at the designated pick-up location at the requested time of departure. Taxis will wait a maximum of 5 minutes after requested time of departure at a pick-up location before leaving.
  • Please check and ensure that you have taken all your personal belongings with you before exiting the taxi. We cannot be responsible for items left behind.
  • Demand for Campus Cab service is high, and all reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. Campus Cab does not overbook its service and reserves the right to refuse any reservation.
  • Faculty and staff with permanent or temporary disabilities who are unable to ride in an unmodified 4-door sedan will be referred to Gator Lift for their transportation needs.
  • Please be patient - we have a limited number of cabs serving campus, and coordination and communication are more complex than one would think. Rarely do people have to wait for a confirmed reservation.