New Scooter Parking Mega-Zones

Published: January 9th, 2020

Category: Featured, News

Over 1,000 new parking spaces for UF decaled scooters are now open for use. Two of the largest new scooter mega-zones can be found at the surface parking lot off of Gale Lemerand Drive, just north of Garage 5 and southeast of Hume Hall, and at the surface parking lot along Fraternity Row off of Stadium Road, just south of the Springs Residential Complex (see the attached map).

Establishing scooter mega-zones was one of the recommendations of the recently completed Transportation and Parking Strategic Plan. New scooter mega-zones will help reduce on-campus traffic conflicts, increase the campus’ overall scooter parking inventory, and position scooter parking for the future; as various near-term core campus development projects will impact several existing smaller scooter parking areas.

These two new scooter mega-zones are among the first phase of this initiative. Future scooter mega-zones under consideration include locations near the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, Murphree Hall, on 13th Street east of Tigert Hall (expand existing scooter parking zone) and Garage 4 (corner of Newell Drive and Museum Road). Scooter mega-zones are already in existence at Garage 8 (south of Norman Hall), and Garage 3 (near Shands Medical Plaza just north of Archer Road).

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